Filipino Scientist Makes New Vaccine Against Malaria

Rhoel Dinglasan, an entomologist and biologist from John Hopkins University hospital, has developed a new vaccine against malaria, bringing the medical world a step closer to eradicating the disease.

Dinglasan’s vaccine was recently featured in the Health and Science section of TIME magazine, which explains that traditional vaccines work by introducing a killed or weakened version of a disease into the body, provoking the immune system to crank out antibodies against it. "Then, if a wild strain of the pathogen comes along later — one that has the power to sicken or kill — the body is ready for it. " Dinglasan's new approach would instead work within the mosquito gut.

Dinglasan has found an antigen, called AnAPN1, that causes humans to create antibodies that lodge in the mosquito's gut. When the mosquito bites a human with the antibodies, the antigen locks up the malaria and sidelines the mosquito from the transmission chain.

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