Colorectal Cancer Survival Rate

In the United States, the colorectal cancer survival rate is more agreeable amongst female patients than males. Whether the female patient is from Caucasian or African decent, the colorectal cancer survival rate is around 65%, a tad ten percent higher than their male counterparts whose rate of survival ranges from 53-55% only.

A 5 year colorectal cancer survival rate refers to the number or percentage of people who remain living 5 years after the disease was determined and treated. What most researchers do is go through all the records of cancer patients diagnosed with this type of cancer 5 years ago and count the ratio of those who are alive now to those who have been deceased as a result of the cancer.

According to the relative report released by emedtv for the research they conducted from the year 1996-2002, the colorectal cancer survival rate at:

• Stage 1 is around 90%. The main reason behind this is the same as the reason why most patients during this stage have good prognosis - the disease has not yet spread and is easily controlled by removing the affected part. In the case of cancer of the colon and rectum, the patient will undergo resection of the colon to remove the segment affected with the disease and reconnect the cut ends afterwards.

• Stage 2 and 3 is around 68%. Despite treatment, the rate is still pretty low because the disease has proliferated at this time. The basic fact about cancer is - the wider the spread, the more difficult to eradicate it. Common treatments at this stage are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Although they may help in detaining or slowing the progression of the disease, it may still develop.

• Stage 4 is around 10%. Around 20 percent of all colorectal cancer patients are diagnosed at the last stage. This is a concern of many medical practitioners thus frequent campaigns to increase cancer awareness have become a mission of most cancer societies. Once the cancer cells metastasize, it may heavily affect the most vital organs in our body including the kidneys, liver and spinal cord.

Colorectal cancer sure is a killer disease. Like any types of cancer, it will affect the richest and the poorest and will disregard your position or status in society. Healthy living is what medical practitioners always advise to combat this disease. With colorectal cancer, change in the diet plan is imperative.

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